Our Studios


Each studio we hold is designed to be experiential, discussion-based, and presentation-light. Our studios are more like design sprints than conferences. 


Challenges are often addressed in silos. We begin by inviting leaders from different backgrounds—researchers, technologists, organizers, designers, public servants, and community leaders—to come together. Each CHORUS event attendee becomes a member of an intersectional team. 


The first step to building solutions is establishing a shared understanding of opportunities and its challenges. Leaders share their work, their stories of successes and failures, and the questions that keep them up at night. 


We’re not meeting just to meet; we use our time to build out new approaches to addressing problems. We facilitate a process by which intersectional teams brainstorm ideas and build on each other’s work to come up with new approaches to the challenges we face. At the end of each event, teams share new ideas with the full cohort, receive feedback, and talk next steps.


Convenings are too often the beginning and the end. People get inspired, make new relationships, but then they disperse and lose touch. There is rarely capacity to facilitate ongoing work when an event is over.

This is how the CHORUS model is different. We take the best ideas generated at our events, and help to steward them forward.

Our project managers will work with teams to continue to build out their projects, amplify their ideas, and find talent, funding, and organizations to bring them to life.  We will also work to facilitate peer mentorships between participants who do complementary work.