Our mission is to change the culture of politics and create a more engaged America.

We do this by supporting authentic leadership and fostering collaboration in the civic space.


The problem

America is grappling with a toxic political culture and declining rates of civic engagement. Gerrymandering, special interests, voter disenfranchisement, and misinformation have bred distrust in our institutions, disdain for political action and politics, and a deteriorating sense of collective agency. Voter turnout continues to hover between 50 – 60%, and the cycle continues.  But the last few months are evidence of what we already know to be true -- it doesn't have to be this way. We seek to harness the momentum and energy of this moment by investing in leaders and sparking collaborations to drive long-term culture change.


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As organizers, we have an array of best practices for nudging people to action -- to vote, to volunteer, to participate. But all of the nudges in the world can't make up for uninspired leadership. If we're serious about changing the culture of our politics, we must invest in lifting up voices who will honestly and boldly reflect, empower, and serve our communities.




We believe that big change requires big ideas and big action. At this critical moment in history, it is more important than ever that we build on what we've learned and accomplished together -- that we purposefully assemble the chorus of voices calling for change, and that we leverage our collective strengths in a collaborative, inclusive, and creative way. We must all be culture bearers. 



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