Specifically, we seek to remove barriers to:



The problem

“Politics” has become a dirty word in America. Civic participation is in decline with voter turnout rates at historic lows in the most recent election, dipping under 60%. Approval rates in Washington are plummeting. 

Our toxic political culture is driven by a deficit of authentic leadership, a barrage of polarizing dialogue, and systematic voter disenfranchisement. Tens of millions are systematically oppressed, left out or left behind, and levels of civic engagement are disproportionately low in the very communities most disadvantaged by the choices our elected officials make. 

We believe we are at a turning point in our nation’s history, and that we must seize this moment as an opportunity to renew our political and civic culture.



Cross-pollinate the problem-solvers

There are organizations doing important work to remove the barriers that hobble civic engagement. However, these organizations rarely connect with one another to share their work, their experiences, and their insights. We will build a network that cross-pollinates researchers, civic organizations, strategists, organizers, and public servants to break down silos and address these challenges. We will convene problem-solvers and create space to build new ideas and approaches.


Support courageous collaboration

We believe that big change requires more than big ideas — it requires big action. At this critical moment, it is more important than ever that we build the chorus calling for change, amplifying our voices by working together.  

We’ll go a step further than ideation by providing incentives and support for ongoing collaboration. We’ll help our community members take their most courageous ideas to fruition by pairing them with funders, mentors, and project management support. 



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